The Fugitive- Complete Series

Product Code: The Fugitive: The Most Wanted Edition Complete Series
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The Fugitive: The Most Wanted Edition Complete Series

  • Number Of Seasons: The Complete 4 Seasons
  • Number Of Episodes: All 120 Uncut Episodes
  • Package: 33 DVD + 1 Music CD Box Set
  • Category: Drama
  • Format: Full Screen, B&W Color,
  • Audio Track: English, English Subtitles
  • Compatibility: Region 1,2 and 4 ONLY
  • Condition: Brand new & factory sealed

Bonus DvD includes:

  • Extended Plot With Commentary
  • David Janssen on The Mike Douglas Show
  • Fugitive around the world
  • Promos
  • Final Epilogue
  • Jey Bishop Interview with david Janssen
  • Memories of a maestro: composer Dominic Frontiere
  • The Sound Of The Chase
  • Dinah Shore Show Skit With David Janssen and George Gobel
  • "Spotlights on Barry Morse"
  • "Merely Players" Featuring Barry Morse
  • Original TV Soundtrack CD
  • Music By Pete Rugold


    Story that will make you tremble from excitement every episode is full of unexpected turns of plot and tricks of destiny. The main character is very brave and respectable guy that get into trouble. Dr. Kimble lost everything when someone killed his wife. Everyone is thinking that he is a murderer. Everything is against him, evidence, crime scene and even close people around. The Fugitive is a legendary TV-show that has amazing spin-off wonderful and high-quality movie with amazing cast, but the Fugitive TV series without any doubts better. Buy The Fugitive complete DVD collection and this TV series will make your rest much more interesting that it was.

        David Janssen was terrific as Dr. Richard Kimble, the Stafford, Indiana doctor who eluded the law for four years after wrongly being convicted of murdering his wife. Based on the 1954 Dr. Sam Shepard Cleveland murder case, the series follows the theme of "Les Miserables," with the police inspector chasing the accused criminal. The series started in black & white and ended in color. The ending in 1967 was a TV movie called, "The Judgement," in which Kimble is cleared after a one-armed man is killed by police. The man was the one who Kimble said he saw run out of his house after his wife's murder. Buy The Fugitive complete TV series will make you rest more intelligent, fascinating and entertaining.

        Wonderful criminal sharp drama that will take from the first moment and never make you boring. The Fugitive TV-show can change your attitude to law system and justice in America. When innocent man lost his freedom, can’t nothing else except escape, and investigate this case by himself. You for sure will fall in love with this fabulous TV series, because it’s so original, with elements of comedy and drama. Really adult and mature TV-show with exceptional meaning and wonderful screenplay. The Fugitive is legendary DVD collection that is so good and talented. Buy The Fugitive complete DVD box set is TV-show that can be for sure one of your personal list of the bets TV-shows.

        The Fugitive complete DVD collection is perfect choice for present, you will love this unbelievably good for that time. Many years after this The Fugitive is still one of the most interesting and popular TV series. Buy The Fugitive complete DVD collection, because this DVD box set really worth it, without any doubts. Believe us, your home DVD collection is needed this amazing TV-show.