Perry Mason- Complete Series

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Perry Mason: The Complete Series DVD Collection

  • № Of Seasons: 9
  • № Of Episodes: 271;
  • Package: 3 Box Set, 22 DvDs each, total: 72 DvD
  • Category: Drama
  • Format: Full Screen
  • Compatibility: Region 1,2 and 4 ONLY
  • Audio Track: English, Subtitles : English SDH


        Perry Mason was exclusively filmed for television despite the fact that it was the first ever 1-hour weekly series produced by Hollywood. The show quickly won the hearts of viewers and became television's all-time favourite dramas. The series is about a Los Angeles criminal defence lawyer Perry Mason, faced with the weekly trials and tribulations of representing high-profile people charged with murder and other related crimes. His unique style, wonderful charm and loyalty is really impressive, you will fall in love with this incredible guy and his responsible and professional team. Buy Perry Mason complete DVD collection that will make your evening much more entertaining that it was before.

        Raymond Burr acted the role of Perry and from the very first episode; it won the hearts of the viewers. This series gave rise to the courtroom drama as it is today. Known for its superior storytelling and character development Perry Mason embodies far more than any contemporary legal drama of today. This amazing TV series for whole family, you can watch it with your close people and friends. This experience will be very useful for you without any doubts. Buy Perry Mason complete DVD box set and this TV-show will change your attitude to laws and justice system.

        Each episode of Perry Mason followed a distinct formula used to map the plot, just like many leading characters cantered dramas. In most episodes, the opening scenes involved a character who would be introduced safely assumed to be soon to be found murdered. The victim is usually found dead by Mason himself and then be the one to find often incriminating evidence implying that his client was indeed the killer. Buy Perry Mason complete DVD collection and this TV series will be your favourite criminal drama of all times.

        Mason spectacularly clashes with Hamilton Burger his own legal assistant and prosecutors, in each murder charge Mason’s faith in the innocence of each of his clients never fluttered at all throughout the series. The viewers are left on the edge of their seats as each episode nears its finale due to the suspense by the fact that Mason does not always win every case. The series features expertly choreographed legal arguments and expert character development in the entire episodes; viewers are completely drawn each episode because of the drama in them, as they nervously await the revelation of the criminal mastermind. Buy Perry Mason entire TV-show will teach you a lot of interesting and new things from it.

        The series leading actor Perry Mason was expertly portrayed by Raymond Burr who solidified the show as one of the greatest courtroom dramas ever broadcast. The ongoing character development was outstanding. The show won and was nominated for several Emmy and other screen awards as it was an instant favorite among viewers all over the world. In many surveys and television magazines, he won the best actor in a leading role in popularity polls. Buy Perry Mason and this TV-show will be a star of your home DVD collection.