Bewitched: The Complete Series

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Bewitched Complete DVD set

  • Package: 33 DVD Box Set
  • Category:  Comedy, Fantasy, Romance​
  • Format: Full Screen
  • Audio Track: English
  • Condition: Brand new & sealed
  • Compatibility: Region 1,2 and 4 ONLY


        This wonderful TV series about love, carry and magic. Do you believe in magic and wonders? In things that unreal and supernatural, in witches and wizards, in completely new magical world. Bewitches make your evenings funnier, better and more fascinating. This TV series was one of the most popular and original TV-shows of 70’s. Bewitched is very funny with interesting and charismatic characters that make any life situation in a joke. This sitcom can impress any person without any doubts; every episode is full of wonderful and intelligent jokes. Buy Bewitched complete DVD collection and this TV series will make your rest much more entertaining.

        “Bewitched” offered light hearted comedy while staying true to the “escapist” themes of the 1960s. Additionally, it was well written, and one of the few shows able to work seamlessly through numerous cast changes. Elizabeth Montgomery WAS Samantha. No one will ever take her place. She was stunningly beautiful, creative, talented, and convincing in her role. Personally, I don't think she knew how great she really was as an actress. Likewise, Dick York WAS Darrin (yeah, I like them neurotic). The chemistry between York and Agnes Moorehead was one of a kind - and the chemistry between Montgomery and York was quite memorable, too. Buy Bewitched entire DVD collection and watch this magical story with friends and relatives.

        The relationships between the main characters are so fascinating and special, especially relation between Darren and his mother-in-law, that no more no less witch that really unhappy about her daughter’s marriage with usual guy, not a wizard. This sitcom will get you from the first moment and you will love it, it's wonderful atmosphere and plot, are really deserved to be one of the greatest in the history of American cinematography. You will love Bewitched and will watch it with your closest people. Buy Bewitched complete DVD collection and this TV series will be your best friend for a very long time.

        Bewitched makes everything better this TV-show will teach how to understand each other, build healthy family and make right things. Terrific story about love, family and complicated difference between being a witch and man. This love story is legendary for thousands of people all around the globe. Bewitched DVD box set make your leisure more fascinating and quality. Buy Bewitched complete DVD collection and get all joy from this magnificent TV series.