I Love Lucy- Complete Series

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I Love Lucy: The Complete Series DVD Box Set

  • "I Love Lucy", the hit sitcom of the 1950's, is now completely available on DVD.
  • Number Of Episodes: All 194 Uncut Episodes
  • Number Of Seasons: The Complete Series, All 6 Seasons
  • Package: 34 DVD Box Set
  • Category: Comedy
  • Format: Full Screen
  • Audio Track: English
  • Compatibility: Region 1,2 and 4 ONLY
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        The amazing show I Love Lucy starred Lucille Ball who acted as daffy Lucy, this show is the most defining sitcoms ever broadcast on American television. I Love Lucy was originally aired for six seasons between October 1951 and May 1956. It was the only show that was broadcast until Seinfeld in 1998 and it quickly won the hearts of viewers fixing it at the top slot of the National Nielsen Ratings. In 2012, I Love Lucy was voted as the greatest television offering of all time in the polls ran by People Magazine and ABC News. Buy I love Lucy complete DVD collection this TV-show will change your life for better.

        The main star of the show was Lucy Ball, was rated as one of the most likable characters in television history. Lucy in the show had wonderful skill find troubles for herself and husband into various kinds of trouble in her quest to be a star in show business. She was met with disappointment and had few actual stage skills unlike her off-screen alter ego. Buy I Love Lucy TV series and watch this amazing TV-show with your closest people.

        Most of her performance opportunities turned into all kinds of disasters but Lucy in the show achieved some successes as she partook in one of her husband’s stage performances by replacing a clown and also where she flawlessly danced with a rubber dummy as a dancing partner for a major studio benefit in a memorable episode titled Hollywood. All these and much more you can watch if you buy I love Lucy DVD box set, because this stunning TV-show is the best sitcom of all times.

        Ethel Mertz was her sidekick and best friend who always accompanied her. Lucille Ball was just as defined by Lucy’s on-screen friends and co-stars as in the film. These included Ricky’s agent Jerry, Ethel's ever money conscious husband, Fred and Ricky. The Cuban husband Ricky Ricardo, who was known to revert to his native Spanish whenever exasperated by Lucy, brought the film to life, as he was also a star of the show. The show even went as far as showing the on-screen birth of the couple’s son Ricky Jnr with the birth of actress Lucille Ball’s real first born child. Buy I love Lucy complete DVD collection, because it worth it without any doubts.

         Millions of viewers celebrate the show as the greatest television sitcom in history. I Love Lucy DVD box set is the centrepiece of any home theatre enthusiasts. It features 194 uncut episodes; you can also own this comedy watched by millions of viewers all around the world. Enjoy uninterrupted watching this film at your leisure as you experience America’s all-time favourite family comedy. Get yours now and own a piece of television history today. Buy I love Lucy whole TV series and improve your mood in any situation with the help of this magnificent TV-show.