Miami Vice- Complete Series

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Miami Vice: The Complete Series

  • Actors: Don Johnson, Philip Michael Thomas, Michael Talbot, Olivia Brown

  • Seasons: Miami Vice All 111 Episodes

  • Package: Miami Vice DVD Box Set

  • Category: Action | Drama

  • Format: Full Screen

  • Audio Track: English

  • Optional Subtitles: English, Spanish

  • Condition: Brand new


        Fascinating and extraordinary detective TV-show that will change your attitude to such things as police work, investigations and many others. Miami Vice is very special DVD collection that has millions of fans all around the world and great impact on modern American pop-culture. Every episode is new case; it’s a new murder or something serious like kidnapping or robbery. You will like Miami Vice DVD collection, because it’s so interesting, sharp and hot. Legendary TV-show that will make you watch, think and empathize with main characters. Buy Miami Vice complete TV series you will love it, without any doubts this DVD box set worth every positive review that it has.

        This is arguably the best and certainly one of the most revolutionary cop shows of all time. Occasionally the stories were weak, but the strong characters, the way they interacted with each other and the skillful way in which contemporary rock and pop music was chosen to accompany the goings-on more than made up for any plot shortcomings. Miami Vice for sure is symbol of 80’s and this TV-show is still extremely interesting and popular. Buy Miami Vice complete DVD collection and get all joy from this amazing and stylish TV-show, which can impress you deeply.

        Miami Vice is so unique TV-show with its own peculiar features. You will fall in love with main characters without any doubts; it’s so terrific, hilarious and fascinating that you will watch it non-stop. Every episode will tell you a completely new story with new heroes and unexpected turns. Moments of excitement, happiness, danger and fear that so deep and sharp. Miami Vice is criminal drama with elements of comedy, and this TV-show has so much interesting and positive. Buy Miami Vice complete DVD collection and this TV-show will be a perfect present for your close people and relatives.

        Main characters are so extraordinary and different that everyone can pick a favorite one. Two main cops Crockett and Tubbs (Don Johnson and Philip M. Thomas) made their work amazingly good and their heroes really interesting, funny, brilliant and with big hearts. You will love them without any doubts, because fascinating plot, talented actors, amazing soundtracks and professional screenwriters are so good. Miami Vice is a life legend of American TV network, you can watch it again and again and it nevers make you boring. Buy Miami Vice complete DVD box set and watch it when you need some rest or improve your mood. Miami Vice for sure will be your favorite.