Emergency - Complete Series

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Emergency! DVD Collection

  • Number Of Seasons: The Complete 7 Seasons
  • Number Of Episodes: All 122 Uncut Episodes
  • Package: 32 DVD Box Set EcoPack
  • Category: Drama
  • Format: Full Screen
  • Audio Track: English
  • Compatibility: Region 1,2 and 4
  • Condition: Brand new


        The sharp and emotional DVD collection that will make you tremble and believe in justice and fate. Emergency! Is a perfect choice for people, who really appreciate good and classical action TV-shows. Emergency is one of the first but not the worst; we can see that this TV-show will make everything much more better. This DVD collection has very dynamic plot, wonderful cast and amazing turns of plot. This DVD collection is really worth everything that it has, millions of fans, legendary status of classical TV-show. Buy Emergency complete DVD collection and this movie will change your attitude to action TV-shows about firefighters and their hard work/

        Emergency! was a fantastic show and a lot of current shows pale in comparison to it. The "Crazy Credits" that were listed were because, just like Adam-12, this show was based on actual cases that had been dealt with by the Fire Department. The stories were taken from Fire Department case files! The stories, therefore, were not made up and the writers would write scripts using these case files. There was humor, moments of sadness, and concern for people. You got to see how the Paramedics worked together with the fire crew and the Hospital staff - as well as how the Hospital staff worked together. It was a family-friendly show that parents had no fears for their children seeing anything inappropriate - there are very few new shows now on TV that would hold true to that statement. Buy Emergency! Complete DVD box set will make your every evening better and entertaining.

        This TV-show has incredible atmosphere that get you from the first moment and during the watching getting deeper and deeper. That TV series will make you think about importance of the work, people that make their best for our goodness. You will watch this TV-show with your relatives and friends, because this DVD collection is really interesting, funny and high-quality, you will enjoy Emergency! Characters are very charismatic and charming, they are different and very interesting, and every person will find interesting character for himself or herself. Buy Emergency! Complete DVD collection and you watch this TV series as much as possible.

        This TV-show make your life brighter and fascinating. Emergency! Really worth every dollar and hour that you spend on it. One hundred twenty-two uncut episodes that will make you think about people. Buy Emergency! DVD collection and get all joy from this amazing series.