Dean Martin - Complete Series Box Set (Celebrity Roasts)

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Dean Martin: DVD Collection

  • 36 Celebrity Roasts DVD Collection
  • Number Of Seasons: Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts Collection
  • Number Of Episodes: 36 Uncut Roasts + Christmas Special
  • Package: 18 + 1 Bonus DVD Box Set
  • Category: Comedy
  • Format: Full Screen
  • Audio Track: English
  • Availability: Region 1, Region 2, Region 4
  • Condition: Brand new & factory sealed


        The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast is a grouped family member’s humor show aired on NBC between 1974 until 1984. The show includes 54 specials. The display was extremely popular among television viewers. The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast was taped in California and ended up being a hit, accompanied by a great many other roasts. Many superstars like Frank Sinatra, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Stewart, Joan Collins and many more were roasted. You will love this extremely funny and interesting TV-show, which will make you laugh all the time during the watching. Buy The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast complete DVD collection and make your evenings special and entertaining.

        Dean Martin was one of America's greatest legends in the entertainment industry. He is sorely missed even to this day. He honors or roasts his beloved friend and American icon, Frank Sinatra, in one of his many roasts. In my opinion, even the half-hour infomercial is far more entertaining than anything on television today. You will see amazing comedy TV-show that even now one of the best in American history. So interesting and unusual show now is really rare, stars that smoke, drink a little and having fun at themselves. The Dean Martin celebrity Roast is a TV-show that will make you understand the real humor and the greatest people in American history. Buy The Dean Martin DVD collection and discover a world of the greatest gentlemen of twenty century.

        Dean Martin Celebrity Roast is a phenomenon of TV, that so interesting and even now extremely popular. Every episode is full of pure humor and amazing jokes that can improve anybody’s mood in any situation. This DVD box set it’s a perfect choice how to spend an evening with friends and relatives. This TV-show is always will be one of the greatest without any doubts. This piece of history is all that we have in this genre and it’s so beautiful. Buy The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast TV program and this DVD collection will be a great gift for people who appreciate good humor.

        When you get a complete collection of The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast you will end up amazed at the way the show strikes using its incredible quantity of skill assembled for every roast. When you will buy complete DVD box set of The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast you not only hours of entertainment, but you also get extremely talented comedians carrying out what they do the best.