Wings- Complete Series

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Wings: The Complete Series DVD

  • Number of Seasons: The Complete 8 Seasons
  • Number of Episodes: All 172 Uncut Episodes
  • Package: 27 DVD Box Set
  • Category: Comedy | Drama
  • Format: Full Screen
  • Audio Track: English
  • Region 1, 2 and 4 Only
  • Condition: Brand New & Factory Sealed


         Comedy that makes everything brighter and more positive, story of two handsome brothers their life troubles, love affairs will make you watch it so many hours in raw. Wings it’s story of local airport and all people that make it works. Stuff of Sandpiper Airlines will be your own guilty pleasure because jokes, ironic situations and atmosphere are so freaking good that you can’t imagine. If you looking for something that can grab your attention and make your laugh extremely hard, Wings is definitely your choice. Fresh and easy-going sense of humor and cute and funny characters make Wings so good. Buy Wings TV show DVD box set and change your entertainment in better way.

         Wings was such a smart show with great lines, funny physical comedy, good subtle humor, and a good ensemble mix. Wings showed that you don't need sexual innuendo, bathroom humor, and social/political issues to be a good show. It's a shame this classic comedy went criminally unappreciated while attention was on mindless TV shows with ordinary plot and weak sense of humor. I can only hope that audiences in the future will be intelligent enough to recognize the greatness of Wings. Buy Wings complete TV series and you will be glad that this show came into your life.

         It was a funny, heartwarming show with interesting plots and characters that you could really enjoy. Joe is the center of the show. He owns Sandpiper Airlines. Brian is Joe's free-spirited younger brother. Helen is the owner of the lunch counter at the airport. Fay is Sandpiper's ticket lady. Roy is the owner of rival airline, Aeromass. Lowell is the dim-witted mechanic. Antonio is the hapless cabbie. Alex is a helicopter pilot and Brian's girlfriend. Casey is Helen's older sister. These guys are favorite characters for millions of people around the world, you will understand why people appreciate this DVD collection so much. Buy Wings entire TV show and your evenings will be unforgettable and special with fascinating jokes and cute characters.

         Wings make you feel better in any difficult situation because it has so many positive sides and really good plot. High-quality of this DVD collection will make your watching comfortable and more interesting. Buy Wings complete DVD collection and you will never regret about it because such good and original TV shows is very rare, you will be happy with Wings without any questions.