The Little Rascals- Complete Series

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The Little Rascals: The Complete Series DVD

  • Number Of Episodes: All 80 Uncut Episodes
  • Number Of Seasons: The Complete Series
  • Package: 8 DVD Box Set
  • Category: Comedy
  • Format: Full Screen
  • Audio Track: English
  • Compatibility: Region 1,2 and 4 ONLY
  • Condition: Brand new & factory sealed

Special Features:

  • Introductions and commentaries by film historians
  • 3 original silent shorts
  • The story of Hal Roach and Our Gang
  • Catching up with the rascals


        The Little Rascals is a hilarious show gang of wonderful gang of kids that live like adults one, they so funny in their tries that show was aired in the period of time from 1929 to 1938. “The Little rascals” shows nice and affable small children experiencing adults-like way of life and you can’t imagine how interesting it can be. It’s amazing to see that actually after eighty years of its debut, the show continues to be better than many present day television shows. Richard Bann, the co-writer of the publication on The little Rascals says the display has "unmistakable elegance and style. Sure, you had magnificent gags ... and slapstick, nevertheless, you also find heart. In these movies you find actual people, people you prefer, people it is possible to identify with". They are some of the points that make The Little Rascals complete DVD box set is special TV-series that can improve your mood. Buy The Little Rascals complete DVD collection and watch this magnificent, classical TV-show.

        Therefore, what do you consider may be the main ingredient, which makes The Little Rascals so particular and popular among the audiences, that is, from lovable and affable kids apart? The answer may be the excellent area shoots. Hal Roach Studios did an outstanding work of shooting the moments at actual locations as opposed to the interior stage atmosphere in the studio. Wonderful actors that make his job excellent and amazing work of creators make this DVD collection one of the best classical TV-shows in the American history. Once The Little Rascals DVD movie set will make you think about importance of childhood and kids in our modern life, you will see that a lot of the moments are shot at genuine streets and vacant areas around Culver Town, Calif. Buy The Little Rascals complete DVD collection and this TV-show will change your attitude to our complicate life.

        The Little Rascals complete DVD set contains all of the 80 restored and uncut episodes within their entirety. The set is restored, uncut and remastered edition of the original. What’s more, this wonderful DVD collection, you'll get some unique and special extras also. The disk set contains plenty of reward footage, collectible booklets and uncommon photos amongst others. All in The Little Rascals complete DVD box set is a good opportunity for old and brand-new fans of the great series to possess it forever. Buy The Little Rascals complete DVD collection will make you believe that our life much easier that it seems to be.