Gimme a Break Complete Series

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Gimme a Break!: The Complete Series DVD Collection

  • Actors: Nell Carter, Lara Jill Miller
  • Seasons: The Complete 6 Seasons
  • Category: DVD Box Set
  • Format: Full Screen
  • Number of discs: 18
  • Audio Track: English
  • Condition: Brand new


        Wonderful, easygoing and simple TV series for whole family, full of kindness, care and friendship. Complicated story about common people, that try to go through the tough time for family. When the lost come into your home, you should remember that you have close people around you. They can be there for your support and understanding. Gimme a Break! Is unique story that can teach you a lot of things about relationships, family and loyalty. You will fall in love with this sweet TV-show that will change your attitude to people and family relationships. Buy Gimme a break! Complete DVD collection is a TV series that worth to be one of your favorite.

        One of the greatest situation comedies that you ever watch make your entertainment much more quality. This TV-show has many of benefits. The main character charming and charismatic Nell was good friends with Carl's Kanisky wife, before Mrs. Kanisky died of cancer, and went floating up to the Heavens above, she made Nell promise to look after the family after her ultimate demise. Nell kept that promise, always going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure the Chief and the girls 'behaved themselves'. She became a new mother for girls and a little boy and loyal friend and support for their father.  It was no easy task. Grandpa Kanisky was a major treat in upsetting the household with his senile wit and slapstick comedy of errors - the moment when he spilled Nell's partially completed jigsaw puzzle off the table was priceless! Gimme a Break! Will make you laugh, think and believe in kindness and sacrifice. Buy Gimme a Break! Complete DVD box set and watch this amazing TV-show with friends and relatives you love it for sure.

        Interesting TV series that will make every your evening better and brighter that it was before. Every single episode is full of original and brilliant jokes and has amazing sense of humor. This family TV-show is something that makes your life much better and productive. Charming characters, Nelly hilarious and wonderful, three beautiful girls and sweet and lovely boy and lonely and strict head of family. This TV-show for people who appreciate family and family values for people with good sense of humor and kind hearts. Gimme a break! Is TV series that will be your favorite without any doubts, fascinating plot, marvelous cast and magical atmosphere. Buy Gimme a break! Complete DVD collection and this TV-show is wonderful choice for your home collection. This comedy will make you laugh all the time long.