Columbo Complete TV Series

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Columbo: DVD Collection

  • Number Of Seasons: The Complete 6 Seasons plus All Mystery Movies Ever Made

  • Number Of Episodes: All 69 Uncut Episodes

  • Package: 31 DVD Box Set

  • Category: Action / Drama / Crime

  • Format: Full Screen

  • Audio Track: English

  • Compatibility: Region 1,2 and 4 ONLY

  • Condition: Brand new & factory sealed

The episode list for the  MYSTERY MOVIE COLLECTION is as follows:

(1968 and 1971 Pilots)

1. Prescription Murder

2. Ransom For A Dead Man

(1989 Collection)

3. Columbo Goes To The Guillotine

4. Murder, Smoke and Shadows

5. Sex And The Married Detective

6. Grand Deceptions

7. Murder, A Self Portrait

(1990 Collection)

8. Columbo Cries Wolf

9. Agenda For Murder

10. Uneasy Lies The Crown

11. Columbo Goes To College

(1991-1993 Collection)

12. Caution: Murder Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

13. Columbo And The Murder Of A Rock Star

14. Death Hits The Jackpot

15. No Time To Die

16. A Bird In The Hand

17. It's All In The Game

(1994-2003 Collection)

18. Butterfly In Shades Of Grey

19. Undercover

20. Strange Bedfellows

21. A Trace Of Murder

22. Ashes To Ashes

23. Murder With Too Many Notes

24. Columbo Likes The Nightlife


        This TV-show is one of the most popular and interesting detective TV-shows in the world’s pop-culture history. This detective well-known all around the world, he is so smart and creative. Columbo is very special TV-show that can change your attitude to detective TV-shows completely. You will lake this DVD collection, because of its uniqueness and entertaining plot. Every episode is a new investigation, a new case and new unexpected moves from this extraordinary person. Lt. Columbo for sure will change your world. Buy Columbo complete DVD collection and investigate different mysterious murders with this cute and funny person.

        "Columbo" is simply the best detective series ever! Peter Falk as Columbo is wonderful and absolutely brilliant investigator. Although the formula is pretty much the same for all the episodes, you never get enough of that cat-and-mouse game that Columbo is playing with his "victims". There are delightful elements of surprise in each episode, that also add up to the puzzle that Columbo himself is. Every his idea is something special and unique, and every time it’s very unexpected. Columbo will make your rest is much better and more interesting. Buy Columbo complete edition and this TV-show will one of your favorite DVD box set without any doubts.

        Columbo is a symbol of several decades and idol of millions people, this TV-show is so wonderful that you will love it. Amazing TV-show that can help you to spend free time in good company of high-quality and fascinating TV-show. The TV-show will make you think and solve crimes together with Lt. Columbo. Every episode it’s a new case with very difficult murder, but Columbo always find a way to catch a murder. Yes, his ways are very different and sometimes even seem crazy but they are work and productive. You can’t deny it, Columbo is a genius and always can surprise you, even if you expect this. Buy Columbo complete DVD collection that will be a star of your home video collection. Because Columbo is so good that you always want to watch it almost in any time.